QuickBooks Tips

Congratulations!  You’ve set out and started your own business. The world is your oyster and the customers are everyone. While you are concentrating on materials and designs and then finding time for family and friends, those pesky accounting books need to be reconciled.  I’m here to help. As the leading accounting software in the world, QuickBooks is user-friendly and its interface is simple so that all business owners can manage it.  However, it’s never too late to teach an old dog some new tricks.  Below are some easy QuickBooks tips to help you simplify your accounting process.

Link your Business Bank and Credit Cards to QuickBooks

What?  You don’t have a business bank account?  Get one. You can still earn credit card rewards under a business – plus it will save hours around tax time as you try and locate all those pesky expenditures for your CPA. In addition, reconciling your costs and deposits becomes much easier when QuickBooks does most of the legwork for you.  Gone are the days of agonizing over bank statements.

Automate Reports/Invoices

QuickBooks is easy to maneuver. And creating new reports, invoice and bills are fairly easy. However, most people don’t know that but inserting your email address, you can set up automated reports that are sent directly to your email on a consistent schedule. Want sales figures every morning – Done. Want to know expenses for last week – Done.  All without lifting a finger. The same can be done for monthly invoices.

Use Attachments

When creating a bill or invoice, QuickBooks allows you to attach any number of documentation needed to support it. So, when a vendor sends you a bill – you can attach the invoice, the shipping detail, and PO to it within QuickBooks and save office space for prettier things than filing drawers.

Learn How to Use Excel

Microsoft is not a sponsor of this website or my business.  However, I am the biggest proponent of its Excel product that exists today.  It’s truly magical.  Once you learn how to easily use the function capabilities, V Lookup, Pivot Tables and other basic items – it will open up a world of financial bliss you never knew existed.  Inventory management became much simpler via the Import/Export tool in QuickBooks.  Adapting reports for a more user-friendly approach is just a few clicks away.  Learning excel will make QuickBooks easier to use, but will also make you a better business owner!

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